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about us

We are group of professionals based in Canada.  We spent years doing research about the web hosting and website development market. We found the market swarmed with thousands of webhosting providers ranging from free to expensive including spams to some solid platforms. However, we found the webhosting and management market to be like a jungle with no clear paths and very confusing for a common person or business to select from disguising bundles, plans and options. More importantly, there is hardly any provider in the market which will provide support in true sense.

Our Moto is to enable TRAILS TO DESTINATIONS in the jungle of web!

We started Easy Jungle with all the research and experience at our back and associate ourselves with best available resources in computing, webservers, domain registrars, and security providers. Our business model is unique and based on providing:

Need based solutions for Web Presence

Most economical and reliable webhosting and ecommerce solutions

Simple and easy path forward to build a solution around one-plan, one site and one feature-pack

One to one unlimited support with aim to empower our clients for controlling and developing their web presence

Teach and train our clients with a support package based on their knowledge and skill level