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Click here to access the user manual of PLESK 

What is PLESK? PLESK is a powerful but still easy to use webhosting control panel software. It is one of the two leading control panels in this class and shares its popularity with cPanel. PLESK lets you easily manage your web hosting account through a web-based interface.

How do I get PLESK? Plesk comes bundled with your All-In-On webhosting plan from Eazyjungle. We will send you an email with instructions to log-in to your Plesk control panel.

What can I do with PLESK control panel? Following are some major website management services included in Plesk:

• Setting up of your unique Internet address (domain name), service completed by Eazyjungle support.
• Setting up additional domain names (domain aliases).
• Setting up Subdomains – divisions of a site accessible by easy-to-remember addresses that are added to the main site, like
• Create FTP accounts for file transfers between your local computer and your website content hosted on the server.
• Deployment of applications, such as content management systems, photo galleries, shopping carts, blogging platforms, and many more.
• Managing data security implemented by SSL/TLS protocol.
• Mailboxes and mailing lists (such as
• Viewing statistics on site visits.
• Complete file management of your site content